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Classy and Exclusive: 5 High-end Venues in Amsterdam

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The economic crisis is behind us and the event budgets reflect this fact. In our annual Locatieonderzoek we observe that the price/quality ratio is no longer the most important factor in choosing a venue. The ‘Look and Feel’ of a venue is now considered to be more important. There is much less pressure on the price and an increasing desire for special venues. So if we want our event done right, why not choose any of the following high-end venues in Amsterdam?

The National Maritime Museum harbors, behind the striking white facade at the IJ, one of the most exclusive venues of Amsterdam. The beautiful roofed courtyard Het Open Pleyn (‘The Open Square’) is of a breathtaking beauty. The open glass construction bathes the courtyard in a pleasant light, and at night the 868 led lights in the frame create a dreamy starlit sky.

In this stately canal home, surrounded by authentic murals and with a view of the courtyard, you experience the Dutch Golden Age at its finest. Museum Het Grachtenhuis has the atmosphere of an 18th century mansion, combined with the modern conveniences of a contemporary event space. A venue with a story in the canal belt of Amsterdam.

From the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam you enjoy a phenomenal view of the IJ-port as well as the inner city. The wavy roof of the building signifies the connection between land and water, which is the foundation of the history of Amsterdam. The transparent and open character provide a beautiful decor for every event.

Beautifully situated at the heart of the Amsterdam museum district lies the Conservatorium Hotel. Behind the monumental building lies a modern roofed courtyard, with a striking glass construction standing in the middle. It’s a bold piece of architecture and a beautiful location for meetings and events: all six spaces provide a magnificent view of the stately hotel.

The International is an exclusive golf club at the edge of Amsterdam. It has one of the most beautiful golf courses of the Netherlands. The club house boasts unprecedented luxury, inside and out. The beautiful interior was designed by famous Dutch designer Piet Boon, who also designed the stylish meeting and dining rooms.

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)


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