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How coronavirus entry passes aid to re-open society and how it will work

Months of debating have gone by. By introducing Testen voor Toegang (corona entry passes) it is possible to attend and organise (business) events. In addition, the catering industry, clubs, discotheques and theaters have among other things been reopened. Wedding parties, work receptions and other parties are allowed, whenever you make use of coronavirus entry passes. 

Please note, stated facts are based on the information known at the time of writing. They don’t offer any guarantees. More information and clarity will follow, after which this article will be updated.

Latest update: 06/07

What does the law include?

By introducing the Coronavirus Entry Passes (Temporary Measures) Act you will be able to attend an event if you can present a negative coronavirus entry pass which you can get at Testen voor Toegang. This will also enable organizing an event. The law states in which cases these passes are mandatory.

Step 4 of the re-opening plan: 26th of June

The Dutch government will apply the outcome of the Fieldlab test results on every activity stated in the re-opening plan, which has a visitors maximum and for which coronavirus entry passes are being handled, placed or unplaced. This involves the catering industry, cultural organization or public at professional sporting games. The 1,5 rule can be let go off. Licensed events will be allowed on 30th of June because of the preparation time. The requirement to wear a face mask will no longer apply in most situations and there will be more scope for working at the office.

By using corona entry passes a maximum visitors capacity of 100% is allowed, provided that the event takes place on a secluded location. The 1,5 measure can be let go off and a reservation and health check remain mandatory. Without corona entry passes the maximum visitors capacity depend on the space considering 1,5 meter. A reservation and health check remain mandator.

Testen voor Toegang to get access

For the possibility to let go of the 1,5 measure, locations and venues are mandatory to use coronavirus entry passes. If you would like to access an event, you will have to get a coronavirus entry pass. A test completed at the GGD or a selftest won’t be adequate.

  • Download the CoronaCheck App in the App Store or the Google Play Store.
  • Book an appointment through the app. Get yourself tested within 40 hours before the start of the event or activity and at the nearest test facility to your house.
  • You will receive the result of the test within an hour. By using the CoronaCheck App you can convert your negative test result into a digital coronavirus entry pass. This will give you access to the event.

Vaccination pass

From the 26rd of June it will become possible for people who received their full vaccination to get a coronavirus entry pass without the need of getting tested for every event they’d like to attend. You will have to use the CoronaCheck App to create a QR-code out of your vaccination papers. The organizer won’t be able to see any personal data and there won’t be a difference between a QR-code generated from a vaccination pass or a negative test result.

Walk through the steps of the CoronaCheck App shown below (in Dutch)

Where should you go if you want to get tested?

According to the reopening plan, the intention will be to be able to test 400.000 people a day in June. To get tested, you can go to the destined Testen voor Toegang test locations. You will find all the available locations via the app or at

Do I need to get tested after the event?

No, you don’t. Testen voor Toegang stands lose from the Fiedlab Events, where you had to get tested five days after events.

Testen voor Toegang for event managers

Licensed activities and events are allowed to use coronavirus entry passes from the 5th of June. This makes it possible to expanse the capacity of your event. Event managers can use the CoronaCheck Scanner which was designed by de Rijksoverheid. It will be used to verify the validity of a coronavirus entry pass. Visitors will be able to use their proof of vaccination to generate a coronavirus entry pass. There won’t be any noticeable differences between an entry pass created from a proof of vaccination or a test result.

Do I need to sign up my event at Testen voor Toegang

In most cases you do not need to sign up your event. However, when your event causes a spike in the normal test capacity of that day, you will need to sign up at Testen voor Toegang. This includes licensed events which:

  • have a one-time permit with a minimum of 1.000 visitors.
  • are large-scaled (more than 3.000 visitors) and have a continuous event license;
  • are incidental and are open to the public (with or without ticket sale), have a known and demarcated location or are temporary.

Will there be enough test capacity for my event?

The available test capacity will be closely monitored whenever you sign up your event. As event manager you will get a notice in the running up off the event when the demand for test capacity is bigger than the supply and depending on the concerning area. If this happens to be, your guests might be asked to get tested further away from home.

What if I get international guests?

International guests are allowed access with a Digital Corona Certificate (DCC). Without this certificate International guest can also book a test at Testen voor Toegang and create a QR-code with their negative results. The DCC has a validity of 40 hours, after that period you can get tested to create a new coronavirus entry pass.


By using coronavirus entry passes you are allowed to let go of the 1,5 rule. This wil simplify the organization of standing events such as wedding parties and festivals. Discotheques and night clubs are also allowed to open whenever they use coronavirus entry passes. According to following requirements:

  • The event takes place in a secluded location or venue (inside or outside) resulting in a controlled event location.
  • A regular maximum capacity of 100% will be possible.
  • There will a required registration within 4 hours beforehand the event or activity.
  • There must be a controlled in- and outflow of visitors.
  • Employers and employees are urgently advised to takes self tests.
  • Everyone is urgently advised to take a test afterwards if they experience any (light) health problems regarding the COVID-19 symptoms.

Events which require a continuous test capacity don’t need to sign up at Testen voor Toegang. This includes the catering industry, (movie) theaters, music stages and other events which exclude facts stated above. You will still need to inform your vistors and they need to make a reservation and complete a health check registration. This will be mandatory and the basic health measures still apply. Venues and locations who choose to work with coronavirus entry passes are allowed to increase their capacity. 

Inform your visitors and employees

You will need to inform which precautions apply long before your event starts. This always includes the basic health measures. Besides these, you should state the information which is needed to get a coronavirus entry pass at your website. Just as how and where you can get one and how this will work during the event.

It is not mandatory for employees to get themselves tested. Still, it is urgently requested to test your employees and yourself on a regular basis, preferably twice a week and not more than two days before an event.

During the event

  • Download the CoronaCheck Scanner app in the App Store or the Google Play Store.
  • Open the app, you are immediately good to go.
  • Ask the visitor to show their QR-code, which they generated in their CoronaCheck app or which they have printed on paper.
  • Point your camera of your smartphone at the coronavirus entry pass and scan the QR-code.
  • A green screen indicates a negative test outcome and valid coronavirus entry pass.
  • A red screen does not mean the visitor is infected with the COVID-19 virus. The QR-code could be expired. A negative test will be valid for 40 hours. The app will tell you what you need to do in this situation.

Walk through the steps of the CoronaCheck Scanner shown below (in Dutch)


De Rijksoverheid reports that there won’t be a maximum of guests for wedding ceremonies, parties or receptions. Guests should keep 1,5 meter distance to each other and are assigned a seat. The same rules apply as the rules at the city hall.

Dineke Philipse, association manager at CLC VECTA checked why this is legally allowed. “According to the Civil Code (article 63, section 1) a wedding should be carried out in a public place. The location, even when this is not the city hall, must be public and accessible to everyone for the wedding ceremony. The restriction of the public accessibility by using coronavirus entry passes is therefore not allowed. Locations must ensure the 1,5 meter rule and guests must stay seated.”

You are allowed to use coronavirus entry passes for the connecting part after the wedding ceremony, like parties and receptions, because for these activities the same rules apply as for the catering industry.

Who pays for the expenses of the tests?

At this moment these costs are being paid by de Rijksoverheid. Therefore, there are no costs for you as event manager.

Do my employees need to get tested every day?

The same rules apply for employees as for regular visitors. Preventive testing is an extra precaution. MKB-Nederland and VNO-NCW advise to test your employees twice a week. This can be done by a fast test or a selftest. By doing this, possible infections will be signaled sooner which means you can create a safer (working) environment. The rule of keeping your distance of 1.5 meters of others stays valid.

[editorial interpretation]: There will always be a chance that the basic precautions will stay longer then predicted. According to the Fieldlab test results there will permanently be a safe way to host events by using coronavirus entry passes. This way there will always be a back-up plan accessible to everyone!


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