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11 Industrial Venues – Rugged Venues with a Story

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The rise of industrial venues seems unstoppable. Last year, we talked about an ‘industrial revolution’ in our annual Locatieonderzoek; this year, as it turns out, industrial venues have only gained in popularity. Thankfully, options are plenty, because one after the other renovated production hall emerges as a spectacular event venue. These are some industrial venues enthusiasts definitely shouldn’t miss out on!

High constructions, a trendy interior and authentic train coaches form the beautiful backdrop of the Rijtuigenloods (‘The Train Warehouse’). The location in Amersfoort make this the most centrally situated industrial venue of the Netherlands. The raw details, the stylish interior and the bustling environment provide a special setting for exchange fairs, parties and congresses.

The present and the past meet in De Kromhouthal. The authentic character of this sturdy building takes you back in time, when the factory workers walked around the hall and worked on massive marine engines. Details such as the movable cranes on the ceiling are reminiscent of the industrial history of this building.

In the middle of the Netherlands, on the edge of Utrecht, we find DeFabrique: an old feed mill production facility that in the past years has been transformed into a leading meeting and event venue in the Netherlands. Experience, tailor-made services and innovation come together in this old factory, where every room has its own story and appeal.

The Fokker Terminal is a characteristic industrial location in the former School of Aviation Technology in The Hague. The impressive high hangar is the heart of the location. In the past, this is where students tinkered with the airplanes. Today, events in all shapes and sizes are organized here. Around this open and bright space are seventeen break-out rooms.

Is there any place more industrial than the port of Rotterdam? The Maassilo is situated in the largest and oldest grain silo of Europe, at the Maashaven. The exterior of this building oozes industry, and the interior is still recognizable as a grain silo. The seven rooms have been completely remodeled as event spaces and all conceivable facilities are present.

At the ring road around Amsterdam lies Taets Art and Event Park. On the historical Hembrugterrein, which is quickly developing into an international prime location for the creative industry, Taets manages a range of authentic industrial locations, including a large multifunctional black box. All locations are fitted with all the modern conveniences and facilities, they are ideal for every business event.

In past times, this is where massive submarines rolled of the slope. Today, this is one of the most popular industrial locations in Rotterdam. The rusty spots and heavy steel beams and pipes on the ceiling provide a spectacular setting for events. The Onderzeebootloods (‘Submarine Wharf’) is unparalleled in its immensity and rawness.

Tobacco Theater, Amsterdam

TOBACCO Theater is a magnificent industrial theater venue in the center of Amsterdam. This old tobacco factory hasn’t lost any of its historical appearance in all those years. With a beautiful theater hall and in the basement the magical theater catacombs, this location has it all.

SugarCity Events in Halfweg is constantly developing. Since the opening in 2014, the former sugar factory appeals to an international crowd. This event venue with the three story high Middenfabriek is a spectacular eye-catcher for events that are meant to impress. The original rusty boilers, steel beams, hoists and balustrades are beautifully accentuated by the colorful lighting.

Your very own island in the estuary of the North Sea Canal: PBN Forteiland is a cinematic location amidst the factory pipes of IJmuiden. The fort has been turned into an atmospheric location for meetings and events. Nothing of the history was lost – you can stroll the halls for hours and be surprised at every corner.

The oldest locomotive shed of the Netherlands was opened this year as a creative hotspot for entrepreneurship. The Gelderlandfabriek, with its authentic appearance, offers a stunning decor for versatile events. In this cultural hotspot in the middle of the country events truly come to life.

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)


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