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Five Inspiring Venues to Do Some Creative Brainstorming

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Creativity can be stimulated. Put the right people together, stimulate them with unexpected statements and questions and provide them with an inspiring setting, preferably at a special venue that – just like you – likes to go off the beaten path. GreaterVenues visited five venues which are guaranteed to stimulate you just the right way to do some creative brainstorming!

In 2014, WICKEDGROUNDS started out as a place to bring creative young entrepreneurs together to inspire and connect them. The company has evolved to four inspiring high-end locations in Amsterdam. Meeting venues such as The Boardroom, The Studio and The Workspace and the event venue The Warehouse are full of life and energy, and are known for the high quality and service they offer. WICKEDGROUNDS, today, is also a creative agency which hosts innovation events, so they know exactly what is required for an inspiring brainstorming session.

YouMeet is situated in a collective building for creative entrepreneurs, called Creative Valley, and they have the ambition to make meetings more efficient and more fun. To achieve that end, YouMeet provides five different meeting environments, each with its own specific aspects suitable for different stages of a creative meeting. There’s a startup room, there’s a room for creating ideas, another for providing solutions and yet another for reflection and decision-making. For a creative brainstorm session, guests are brought to the Create room where they are stimulated to create new ideas. These ideas can then be developed in the subsequent rooms.

Admittedly, there’s no more beer brewing going on at the Brouwerij (‘The Brewery’) Amsterdam, but surely ideas are still being brewed here. In this inspiring venue in an old building at the Brouwersgracht (‘Brewer’s Canal’), creative agency MCPR has its office. The room looks like a spacious loft with sturdy brick walls, an atmospheric light plan, and work-spaces in a cozy living room setting. Though this venue is just minutes away from the busy Amsterdam Central Station, the interior is a haven of tranquility.

The Experience Center is situated in the offices of Performance Solutions, an organization that helps companies create the perfect customer experience. On their very own location you can enjoy the perfect customer experience with a brainstorm session that is cared for down to the smallest detail. The Experience Center has several different special rooms, such as the colorful brainstorm space Playground – where you can also paint, build, and draw. Or head to the Experience Room, in which you can adjust the light and smell to your liking and stimulate the senses.

This successful start-up hub is typical for the New Economy: an empty IBM office building was converted to a bustling hotspot for innovation. Among the residents are a strong mix of start-ups, creative facilitators, corporations and educational organizations, that help and enhance each other. Flexible work-spaces and wooden cubicles are alternated with event spaces and plenty of room to put all the inspiration gained by these innovative entrepreneurs to work.

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)


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