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5 Venues in the Most Beautiful City Parks of Amsterdam

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)

Amsterdam might be known for its many canals, but it has some great city parks as well. From the famous Vondelpark to areas that have only recently been opened to the public. Every neighborhood has its own green oasis, which is basically the backyard of its residents. We visited five event spaces in the most beautiful parks of Amsterdam.


As a resident of Amsterdam, it’s impossible to ignore de Westergasfabriek. This bustling hotspot has it all: a great park, beautiful monumental factory buildings, sun-drenched terraces, culture, events and no less than twelve special event spaces. From the spectacular and raw Gashouder to the stylishly renovated Westergastheater, there is plenty of space for festivals, fairs, congresses, workshops, dinners, and fashion shows.

East Amsterdam is quickly developing into the latest place-to-be for fashionable bars and restaurants. The Oosterpark (‘Eastern Park’) benefits from this momentum: the municipality of Amsterdam gave the park a fresh make-over and considered the needs of the local hospitality industry in the plan. Hotel Arena was allowed to do a refurbishment, and the recently opened restaurant PARK and the new studios for meetings and events now border on a big terrace and monumental stairway to the park.

For this venue we divert to the mysterious Hembrugterrein. On the banks of the Amsterdam North Sea Canal (accessible by boat!) are 125 industrial and part monumental buildings in a woody area. Taets Art and Event Park operates multiple special event spaces on this terrain, so it’s suitable for indoor as well as outdoor events. For the outdoor events, right between the industrial buildings, the terrain offers green grass fields fit for festivals, a large wood chip field, and there’s the furnished Event Garden. With the monumental buildings alongside the water and the many outside spaces, Taets and the Hembrugterrein has all the space required for springtime and summer events.

It’s one of those places all the residents of Amsterdam know, and yet it keeps surprising them: ARTIS. Even though the zoo is in the center of Amsterdam, you find yourself in the middle of nature here. The oldest zoo of the Netherlands is brimmed with beautiful monumental animal housings and other national monuments, such as the beautiful Ledenlokalen – recently renovated and now suitable for great events. Or stay a night in Huize Welgelegen, and fall asleep to the sound of crying wolves.

No overview of the most beautiful parks of Amsterdam is complete without the Vondelpark. On the edge of this park lies the beautiful event space Vondelpark3, situated in the former Vondelpark Pavilion. The elevated terrace provides a great view on the entire park. For indoor events Vondelpark3 uses the television studio of VondelCS, home of the AVROTROS association where it’s all about media, culture, and opinion

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)


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