Experience the Possibilities at Prime Location Naarderbos

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One of the most innovative venues in the Randstad now has more possibilities than ever before. With seven unique spaces all under one roof, Naarderbos (‘Naarder Forest’) is the perfect location for large events up to 2000 persons.

Naarderbos is a versatile event venue in the eponymous nature park at the Gooimeer (‘Gooi Lake’), favorably situated near highways A1 and A6. The location boasts a large parking lot in front of the building, a golf course on the one side and a spectacular view of the Gooimeer at the other. The environment is green, the building sleek and modern, and it’s fitted with all the necessary ingredients for special events.

Ideal Location for Big Events

For those yet unfamiliar with Naarderbos, a short history of the venue: Until the end of 2016, the building harbored two event venues: Naarderbos and The Upper Deck. The former modern and large, with three spacious and fully furnished rooms for events; the latter slightly smaller, but unique with a loft with roof terrace and a great view of the water. Add the two together and a venue with multiple special rooms and lots of possibilities for inside and out is born, ideal to make combinations and host events up to 2000 persons.

Under the flag of Naarderbos, the two event venues joined forces and were both restyled to match in appearance. Inside the building are now seven event areas, each with their own appearance and function, but all match in look and feel: trendy and comfortable, with lots of warm tints and natural materials. Due to some smart routing inside the building, the various parts can be combined in many ways. Imagine large company parties for which you can create a different atmosphere for each of the rooms, or product presentations providing guests with a new setting and experience every room.

Panoramic View

To paint a picture of the possibilities we walk through the venue from room to room, starting at the first floor. Right next to the entrance we find The Clubhouse and The View, two separate rooms which can be used individually or combined by means of a sliding glass wall. The Clubhouse is the largest room of Naarderbos and it is used daily as a restaurant and bar. The View is true to its name and offers a panoramic view of the Gooimeer. Additionally, the space provides access to the back terrace with a beach club vibe.

Facing the terrace from the other side is The Arena, a turn-key event space for special events. This is where the creativity and inspiration of this venue reaches its zenith with the concept ‘Moods on Demand’. Smell, sound, taste and look intertwine in a spectacular four-dimensional experience. One minute you enjoy the smell of a forest while you hear the leaves rustling in the wind – and see them, too, on a projection on the wall. The next minute, with the push of a button, the mood is changed to whatever the event demands. It’s not hard to imagine a car driving in over the balcony after a spectacular show, or through the doorway in the side wall to the new part of the venue.

Culinary Events

We now enter the ‘new’ part of Naarderbos, the Theatre. This large oblong room has a rugged look with a high ceiling with steel pipes, and yet it feels intimate because of the round wall. This space is very suitable for presentations or fancy dinners.

On the other side of the hall we find two rooms suitable for smaller meetings, but they can also be used as breakout rooms for larger events. The Tasting Room is an atmospheric meeting room or boardroom, but thanks to the beautiful sturdy wooden table inside it is equally suitable to be used for culinary events, such as a wine tasting or dinner for up to twenty persons. The Bar is a room suitable for small meetings, but the mischievous ‘cigar-and-whiskey’ vibe it boasts is also perfect to raise a glass in a more informal setting.


Finally, we walk to the Upper Deck, the open and bright room at the top floor which feels like a loft. Eye-catcher here is the delightful rooftop terrace, and with the large open kitchen this room is great for culinary events as well.

A restaurant, a loft, two large terraces with a view of the Gooimeer, the spectacular Arena where presentations stimulate all the senses; the various rooms at Naarderbos are almost too numerous to list them all here. The venue feels warm and comfortable, but challenges you to go exploring and draw inspiration from new experiences. If there is such a thing as the perfect venue for large events, Naarderbos is probably as close as it gets.

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)